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Our craftsmen are the finest metalworkers in the industry which manifests in Crenshaw consistently producing award-winning lighting. We see this as a representation of our heritage. At the same time, Crenshaw incorporates leading-edge CNC technologies in order to support the use of raw materials in the manufacturing process.

Crenshaw’s 78,000 square foot production facility is located near the Blue Ridge Parkway in Floyd, VA. Approximately 50 of the east coast’s most skilled fabricators found their niche on our shop floor. We have earned an unrivaled reputation in our industry for completing custom lighting and historic restoration projects that call for great skill, complexity, and execution on a monumental scale. Crenshaw’s office team is comprised of a select number of highly proficient client liaison, project managers, designers, and engineers who delicately orchestrate and monitor each process with clients, suppliers, and craftsmen to ensure the integrity of all design details.

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